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Our HV Series hoists deliver massive lifting capacity in a highly efficient, robust package. Models are rated to lift up to 28,000 pounds on a single line. A wide range of standard drum sizes give you options to find a hoist perfectly suited for your heavy lifting applications.

Options include AutoAdvance Line Spoolers, Hammerhead Trolleys, cable tensioners and a variety of electric control options. HV Series hoists can be customized to meet the exact needs of any application.

Allied Power Products, Inc. manufactures Columbia winches and hoists, and has been providing specialized systems to commercial, industrial and government users for more than 30 years. Contact us today for a solution to your application needs.



ModelMotorPower InputCalculated Performance
First LayerMean DrumFull Drum
HV2200010.0230/46022,000 lbs
13.3 fpm
17,276 lbs
14.5 fpm
19.3 fpm
HV2500015.0230/46025,000 lbs
17.1 fpm
19,631 lbs
18.7 fpm
17,173 lbs
24.9 fpm
HV2800020.0230/46028,000 lbs
19.7 fpm
21,987 lbs
21.5 fpm
19,234 lbs
28.7 fpm

Performance based on intermittent duty cycles

Drum SizeTypical WeightWire Rope Capacity
-012,800 lbs1410′915′
-022,100 lbs2235′1453′