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Marine Research Winches

Marine Solutions

Built to meet the demands of the environment they work in and the critical tasks they perform, APPI oceanographic and marine research winches can be configured to meet virtually any application.

With the widest range of components available to work from, we have the unique ability to provide winches that are configured to meet your exact requirements for line capacity, line speed, line pull and signal recovery. In addition, our winches and can be powered with DC, AC, hydraulic or pneumatic motors.

Perhaps most importantly, our AutoAdvance Line Spooling Systems ensure perfect line spooling even with a winch positioned at the edge of the deck and even when you are recovering different cable sizes.

When your winching needs are specific, specify APPI.

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Columbia Jet Ski & Kayak Hoist

Application:  Lifting jet skis, kayaks and other personal watercraft
Customer:  Dalgleish Construction Company
Location:  Austin, TX
Hoist Model:  Columbia HD1300-1A34-L-11 AC Electric Hoist
Performance Based on 115 VAC / Single phase / 60 Hz: 
Line Pull:  1,300 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  15.0 feet per minute on the first layer…

Columbia Ferry Ramp Hoist

Application:  Lifting a ferry loading ramp
Customer:  RAE Shipyard Inc.
Location:  Golden Meadow, LA
Hoist Model:  Columbia HL6000-2A17-L-02 AC Electric Winch
Line Pull:  6,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  7.0 feet per minute on the first layer
Special features:  IP66 rated gearbox brakemotor, Epoxy overcoat, IP65 rated wall mount control with keyed switch and 15’ lead
Power Source: 
208 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz…