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Allied Power Products, Inc.

Allied Power Products, Inc. established itself as a preferred supplier of hydraulic winches and systems to the heavy construction, marine and logging industries in the Pacific Northwest more than 30 years ago. As a distributor for multiple lines of hydraulic winches and hoists, we were able to provide the best possible product for any given application.

Our design and engineering capability has allowed us to provide application-specific solutions for additional markets such as tractor mounted line-sagging packages for power line installation and high capacity hoists for the mining industry on an international basis.

From those roots we have expanded our product line to include an unmatched range of winches and hoists under our Columbia brand name that are AC electric and pneumatically powered. The variety of applications for which we have supplied products that meet the exact requirements of the users are endless.

From ships to elephants and concrete to artwork – we’ve helped our customers with lifting, pulling and positioning applications that couldn’t be solved by other suppliers.

We aren’t shy about our desire to sell product but our focus is not on moving a targeted number of Model XYZ units. It is and always has been on providing the right solution for every customer we work with.

To discuss project specifics or request a quote contact us at (503) 626-0654.

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Why Work With Us?

Quality & Reliability

When downtime costs you money, you need a product you can rely on. All of our products are built to rigorous design and quality standards.

Wide Variety of Standard Products

With a huge number of standard products and range of inputs, we have an unmatched ability to find solutions for a wide variety of applications without needing to engineer a custom unit.

Completely Custom Units

Can’t find what you need? We can still help. Our website covers only a small fraction of the thousands of custom units we have provided over the last 30 years.