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Our exclusive Hammerhead Trolleys are available in capacities of 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 tons. When used with one of our Columbia base-mounted hoists, the low weight of these trolleys allows for a higher net load at the hook than a conventional overhead hoist.

As the hoist is mounted in a fixed location, there is no need for an electrical festooning system nor is it necessary for the controls to follow the load as it is being positioned. The reeving of the wire rope through the trolley and load block doubles the capacity of the hoist. When the trolley is moved, the hook remains at the same height.

The compact design of the trolley allows for greater hook height. This makes it possible to place large loads in areas with limited headroom. As with our manual trolleys, our hammerhead trolleys also utilize low-friction bearings to ensure efficient operation and ease of movement.

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Rated to lift loads vertically

Capacities of 1,3,5, 7.5 and 10 tons

Doubles capacity of the hoist

Compact design allows greater hook height

Low-friction bearings for ease of movement

Chain and power drive options available

Latching swivel hook or trolley mount

Model Load Limit Rope Size Sheave Diameter Tread Diameter Beam Width Range Dimensions
HH-2 2000 lbs. 1/4″ Ø4.0″ Ø3.25″ 2.6″-8.7″ PDF
HH-6 6000 lbs. 3/8″ Ø6.0″ Ø4.83″ 3.3″-8.7″ PDF
HH-15 15,000 lbs. 1/2″ Ø10.0″ Ø8.25″ 4.6″-10.3″ PDF
HH-20 20,000 lbs. 5/8″ Ø14.0″ Ø12.12″ 4.6″-14.8″ PDF
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