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Davit Cranes

Columbia Davit Cranes are your solution for virtually any material handling application. Built with extreme durability, these davits are manufactured with hard daily use in mind. Supplied with the easy-to-maintain Columbia manual hoist, each unit can also be configured to use other suitable hoists in the power source of your choice: AC or DC electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

For further versatility davits have a four-position extendable boom. Sleeve bearings in the base allow easy rotation under load. Mount this crane in the way that best suits your use with a choice of 360º rotation pedestal, socket or wall mount. All davits can be customized with additional options such as limit switches and more.

Powered and manual options available; contact us today to learn more.

Gantry Cranes

Our pallet gantry is uniquely suited for lifting and positioning situations where an overhead crane or lift truck is not suitable for the task. Designed to straddle a standard, full-size pallet, it offers both convenience and performance in a compact package.

Five hoist options make matching this unit to your specific needs easy while giving it unmatched application flexibility. The made-to-order hammerhead trolley provides the operator with the ability to pick and position loads across the width of the lift beam. A self-locking pin makes it possible to lock the trolley in place to prevent movement while transporting a load.

Height, span and capacity options are available; please contact us for details.

Custom Cranes

If one of our standard models does not fit your needs, we can design and build a custom crane that meets your application requirements.

Reach, capacity, and drum size can be customized based on your exact needs. Power options include AC or DC electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual power. Other custom options include material and finish matched to the environment in which the crane will operate.

To discuss project specifics or request a quote contact us at (503) 626-0654.

Product Information

Maximum Capacity
Drum Sizes
4FFM 400 lbs. 48″ HD Series, -11 PDF
5AFM 500 lbs. 36-44″ Manual or HD Series, -11 PDF
5FFM 500 lbs. 40″ HD Series, -11 PDF
10FFM 1000 lbs. 72″ HD Series, -11
HF / HG Series
10AAM 1000 lbs. 21-66″ Manual or HD Series, -11 or HF / HG Series PDF
20AAM 2000 lbs. 22-81″ Manual or HD Series, -11
HF / HG Series


Columbia-Spec-Sheet-PDF-Download      Columbia-Manual-PDF-Downloads

Maximum Capacity
Drum Sizes
GC10PC 1000 lbs. 64.6″ 52.8″ Manual or HD Series, -11 PDF


Columbia-Spec-Sheet-PDF-Download      Columbia-Manual-PDF-Downloads


AC, DC, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual hoist options

Extendable booms available

Optional boom angle adjustment

360º rotation pedestal, socket or wall mount

Multiple finish options

Stainless steel models available

Powered davit rotation options available

Columbia Cranes In Use

Columbia Rooftop Crane and Hoist

Application:  Construction project davit with AC electric hoist
P & M Mechanical, Inc.
Location:  Birmingham, AL
Davit Model:  Columbia 5AFM Davit crane with pedestal base mount
Hoist Model:  Columbia HD670-1A34-L-11 AC electric hoist
Performance Based on 115 VAC / Single phase / 60 Hz:
Line Pull:  500 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  29 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  99 feet x 3/16” diameter wire rope with latching hook…

Columbia Portable Davit Cranes Assist Waste Water Treatment Plant

Application:  Portable Davit Cranes, City of Dallas Waste Water Treatment Plant
Customer:  Archer-Western Contractor LTD.
Location:  Dallas, TX
Davit Model:  Two (2) Columbia 20AAM Davit Crane with Manual Hoists
Wire Rope Capacity:  35 feet x 5/16″ diameter wire rope
Special Features:  Wire rope quick-disconnect…