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Reeving Applications

Mining Solution

As wire rope on the dragline needs to be changed with regularity, operators cannot afford significant downtime to facilitate this change.

Our reeving winch systems will allow you swap wire rope rigging effectively, safely and quickly minimizing machine downtime.

With hydraulic, AC & DC power options and a wide range of cable capacities, control options, and spooling devices, APPI has the ideal solution for your reeving application.

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Columbia Chute Hoist Simplifies Routine Maintenance in Pot Ash Mine

Application:  Columbia AC Electric Chute Hoist Positions Pot Ash Chute
Customer:  Mosaic Potash
Location:  Colonsay, Saskatchewan – Canada
Hoist Model:  Columbia HF2300-5A17-L-02
Line Pull:  2,300 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  575 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  575 VAC brakemotor with low voltage controls and cable tension plate…

Columbia Conveyor Tensioning Winch System

Application:  Conveyor Belt Tensioning Winch System
Location:  Canada
Winch model:  Columbia WG9000-1A17-L-02
Line Pull:  9,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  2.6 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  31 feet x ⅜” diameter wire rope with latching hook
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  3:1 gearbox reduction brakemotor…