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Standard AC Electric & Pneumatic Power

By wrapping soft line around its “head” and applying “tailing” tension that is only a small portion of the load to the free end of the line, a capstan can pull loads without storing line on a drum as do winches and hoists.

Our standard capstan units are available with either pneumatic or AC electric input power capacities from 1000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. and line speeds up to 74 fpm. Higher line pull capacities and speeds as well as DC electric, self-contained and hydraulically powered units can be provided.

Vertical and horizontal mounting configurations are available to meet your installation and operating requirements.

Columbia capstans are in use in a wide range of industries including railway, marine and manufacturing applications. They are also widely used in the paper industry pulling felt rolls, significantly reducing downtime during routine maintenance.

If you are considering a capstan for a pulling application, please contact us to review and discuss your requirements at (503) 626-0654.

Model HP Power Input Calculated Performance
C1000-P 2.5 90 105 1,000 74
C2000-P 2.5 90 105 2,000 33
C3000-P 4.2 90 154 3,000 38
C4000-P 4.2 90 154 4,000 29
C7000-P 6.2 90 253 7,000 23
C10000-P 6.2 90 253 10,000 16


Columbia-Spec-Sheet-PDF-Download      Columbia-Manual-PDF-Downloads

Model HP Calculated Performance
C1000 1 1,000 33
C2000 2 2,000 31
C3000 3 3,000 32
C4000 4 4,000 32
C7000 7.5 7,000 34
C10000 10 10,000 34


Columbia-Spec-Sheet-PDF-Download      Columbia-Manual-PDF-Downloads


Pneumatic and Electric Options

Custom Drum Sizes Available

Local or Remote Variable Speed Controls

Columbia Capstans In Use

Pneumatic Capstan Winch Installs Replacement Felts

Application: Pneumatic capstan winch used to quickly install replacement felts on paper machines.
Customer: North Pacific Paper Corporation
Location: Longview, Washington
Line Pull: 4,200 pounds
Line Speed: 39 feet per minute
Power Source: Pneumatic – 230 SCFM @ 90 PSI
Special Features: Compact design (29” tall, 17” wide and 19” deep), custom capstan head. Designed to replace obsolete pneumatic winch….