Custom Self-Contained

Winch and Hoist Systems

With hundreds of systems in use throughout the world in a wide variety of applications, APPI is your first choice for self-contained systems.

These are excellent options for applications where power may not be readily available. Designed and built to meet your exact application requirements, any of our winches, hoists or positioning systems can be configured as a self-contained systems.

Regardless of your application, we can design and supply a self-contained system that will meet your exact requirements for line pull, line speed and cable capacity.

To discuss project specifics or request a quote contact us at (503) 626-0654.

Available Options

Diesel, gas or electric prime power

Truck, trailer, or skid mount

Low maintenance

Easy operation

Simple installation

Automatic brakes

Single line capacities from 100 lbs to over 100,000 lbs