Reliable Winches and Hoists for the Commercial Fishing Industry

In the demanding commercial fishing industry, having dependable winches and hoists is essential to ensure efficient operations in harsh marine environments. At Allied Power Products, Inc., we offer a comprehensive selection of winches and hoists designed to meet the specific needs of the commercial fishing sector. 

Our winches and hoists are engineered to perform reliably, providing the lifting and suspending capabilities required for handling heavy loads. Whether you need to lift equipment, secure nets, or manage other fishing operations, our solutions are built to deliver outstanding performance. 

We provide winches and hoists with various motor options, including hydraulic, AC, DC, and pneumatic, to suit your specific power requirements. Additionally, our range of controls offers flexibility and ease of use. 

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Typical features include:


Marine | Commercial Fishing Winches & Hoists

At APPI we understand the unique challenges faced by the commercial fishing industry. Our winches and hoists are built to withstand the demanding marine environments, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime. 

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