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Industrial AC Electric Winches

AC Electric Winches


Every Columbia AC Winch features a compact and efficient planetary reductions that require less input power, increase production while minimizing hoist size and weight. TEFC, UL-listed brake motors that stay cooler during long duty cycle and their load holding brakes that apply automatically.

Sealed construction that keeps gear, shaft surfaces, bearings lubricated - no pillow blocks that require greasing. Modular design allows drum size changes and a wide range of gear rations and motor sizes provide the performance required for your application. A full selection of options form single-speed drum switches to synchronized multi-unit/multi-axis systems put you in full control.

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Planetary Reductions

Brake Motors

Sealed Construction

Modular Design


Custom Units Available

Available Products

Application Considerations

Determining the required line pull is the most important factor in selecting the proper winch or hoist for your application.

More Information on Determining Line Pull >>

Line speed is the distance the load travels over a given amount of time.

More Information on Determining Line Speed >>

Horsepower is a measurement of the rate (line speed) at which work (line pull) is performed.

See More Information on Horsepower >>

Travel distance is the distance the load must move. Determining travel distance is more difficult in positioning systems, when using multiple pieces of line or when line stays in the system.

More Information on Travel Distance >>

Wire rope size is determined primarily by the weight of the load being pulled or lifted.

More Information on Wire Rope Sizes and Break Strengths >>

The duty cycle of a winch or hoist is a measurement of how often it is used in a given amount of time.

More Information on Determining Duty Cycle >>

To prevent excessive wire rope wear and damage and ensure the safety of operators, a location that permits proper fleet angle is necessary to let the wire rope spool uniformly onto the drum.

More Information on Fleet Angle Considerations >>

The temperature, humidity, exposure to elements, ventilation, and elevation can all play in a role when specifying the proper winch or hoist for the job.

More Information on Operating Environment >>

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AC Electric Winches In Use

Columbia Dewatering Container Positioning Winch Assists Wastewater Facility

Application: Pulling wastewater sludge containers in a dewatering facility.
Customer: Waterline Industries Corp.
Billerica, MA
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric WG5600-4A17-L-02

Line Pull: 5,600 pounds
Line Speed: 7.7 feet per minute on the first layer

Power Source:  460 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
Special Features:  Class I Div 1 Group D rated motor, Class I Div 1 Group D rated control panel with operator interface on enclosure lid, quick-mount brackets, 150′ of Ø3/8″ stainless steel wire rope with a latching hook


Columbia AC Winches and Hoists have options to deal with corrosive environments, flammable gasses, liquids, or present vapors. In addition, all…

Columbia Pipe Spooling Winch Prepares Shipments for Delivery

Application: Pulling flexible steel reinforced pipe off large reels to spool on smaller reels prior to shipment.
FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc.
Houston, TX
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric WF3500-4A17-L02

Line Pull: 3,500 pounds
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute

Power Source:  460 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
Special Features: NEMA 4X rated low voltage controls with emergency-stop on the pendant, 100’ of Ø3/8” synthetic rope


FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc has been a provider of innovative pipe technology since 2005.  As such, they needed a partner with the durability and reliability of Columbia Winches & Hoists to provide an AC Electric Winch…

Granville Street Bridge Chandelier

Application: Spinning Artwork Chandelier
Walla Walla Foundry/City of Vancouver Canada
Rodney Graham’s Spinning Chandelier 
Vancouver, Canada
Hoist Model:
Columbia H10000-4A17-X-01G (qty-6)

Line Pull: 10000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 10.2 feet per minute on the first layer

Wire Rope Capacity: 477 feet x 5/8” diameter with a latching hook
Power Source:  460 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
Custom options:

Inverter-rated brakemotor with AS7H absolute encoder (TBD cable length)
Temperature monitoring with constant fan
Motor heater
BMH (brake heat rectifier)
Brake function and wear monitoring
Includes custom grooved drum assembly


Rodney Graham’s Spinning Chandelier needed accurate AC electric hoists for the…