Standard Hydraulic

Winches & Hoists

Allied Power Products, Inc. is an authorized distributor and service center for these and many other hydraulic winch and hoist manufacturers.

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We distribute and repair:

Custom Hydraulic

Winches & Hoists

If a stock unit does not meet your needs we have the ability to modify a standard model or design and manufacture a completely custom product for your application. Regardless of what your Hydraulic requirements may be, we are ready to assist.

Available Options Include:

Traction drives

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers

Trolley systems

Multiple brakes

Custom drum sizes

Drum grooving


Load limiting

Multi-drum interlocks

Travel limiting devices

Variable speed controls

Also Available:

Local or remote controls

Cable tensioners


Ratchet & pawls

Mounting brackets

Strap drum conversions

Tractor Applications

Forestry Applications

Commercial Fishing Applications

Unique Applications