ASME B30.7 Hoists

These are hoists made to meet the B30.7 provisions put forth by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers that apply to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing and maintenance of hoists arranged for mounting on a foundation or other supporting structure for moving loads.

Models are supplied with wire rope and safety hook, with a variety of wire rope sizes and lengths available. Additional options include AutoAdvance Line Spoolers, Hammerhead Trolleys, Manual Overhead Trolleys, cable tensioners and a variety of electric control options. These hoists can be customized to meet the exact needs of any application.

Allied Power Products, Inc. manufactures Columbia winches and hoists, and has been providing specialized systems to commercial, industrial and government users for more than 30 years. Contact us today for a solution to your application needs.


Designed to meet ASME B30.7 specifications

Large diameter drum cores (min. 18:1 D:d ratio) improve wire rope life

Rated for vertical lifting

Spring applied, electrically released brakes

Totally enclosed geartrain

Three stage planetary reduction

TEFC UL-listed brakemotors

LayerLine PullLine SpeedWire Rope Capacity
650 lbs
21 fpm
13 feet
601 lbs
23 fpm
27 feet
556 lbs
25 fpm
42 feet
517 lbs
27 fpm
58 feet
Performance / capacity with 3/16″ wire rope shown

LayerLine PullLine SpeedWire Rope Capacity
11200 lbs15 fpm20 feet
21071 lbs17 fpm43 feet
Performance / capacity with 1/4″ wire rope shown

LayerLine PullLine SpeedWire Rope Capacity
3000 lbs
15 fpm
25 feet
2874 lbs
17 fpm
54 feet
2642 lbs
19 fpm
85 feet
2444 lbs
20 fpm
119 feet
Performance / capacity with 1/4″ wire rope shown