Railcar Positioning Systems

Railcar Pullers, Winches, Capstans, Tuggers

Columbia railcar positioning systems are your solution for virtually any railcar moving application. Built with extreme durability, these railcar pullers, winches, and capstans are manufactured specifically for hard daily use in a rail yard. Each unit can also be configured to the power source of your choice: AC or DC electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

Our rail car pullers and positioning systems can be configured in several different layouts depending on your exact requirements. Whether you are moving one car in one direction, or multiple cars in forward and reverse, APPI can provide the ideal solution to increase your productivity and reduce expenses.

If one of our standard Columbia units doesn’t meet your specifications, APPI can modify or custom design a railcar puller positioning system that will.

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Railcar Positioning Winch System

Railcar Positioning Winch System

Application: Dual-Winch Railcar Positioning Winch System Customer: Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) Location: Roseville, CA Winch Model: Columbia WR40000-4A17-L-01 Line Pull: 40,000 pounds per AC electric winch Line Speed: 5 feet per minute

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