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Standard DC Electric

Winches & Hoists

Allied Power Products, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of products to meet your application requirements. Whether lifting or pulling, the 12 VDC or 24 VDC power options allow for installation where fixed power sources may not be available.

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Custom DC Electric

Winches & Hoists

If a stock unit does not meet your needs we have the ability to modify a standard model or design and manufacture a completely custom product for your application. Regardless of what your DC Electric requirements may be, we are ready to assist.


DC Electric Winches and Hoists

DC Electric Units in Use

Columbia HR3G-7000-2D18-X Test Stand Hoist for Lifting aircraft engines

Columbia Test Stand Hoist

Application:  Lifting aircraft engines on a mobile test stand Customer: Knight Aerospace Products, Inc. Location:  San Antonio, TX Hoist Model:  Columbia HR3G-7000-2D18-X Line Pull:  7,000 pounds on

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