Granville Street Bridge Chandelier

Application: Spinning Artwork Chandelier
Walla Walla Foundry/City of Vancouver Canada
Rodney Graham’s Spinning Chandelier 
Vancouver, Canada
Hoist Model:
Columbia H10000-4A17-X-01G (qty-6)

  • Line Pull: 10000 pounds on the first layer
  • Line Speed: 10.2 feet per minute on the first layer

Wire Rope Capacity: 477 feet x 5/8” diameter with a latching hook
Power Source:  460 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
Custom options:

  • Inverter-rated brakemotor with AS7H absolute encoder (TBD cable length)
  • Temperature monitoring with constant fan
  • Motor heater
  • BMH (brake heat rectifier)
  • Brake function and wear monitoring
  • Includes custom grooved drum assembly


Rodney Graham’s Spinning Chandelier needed accurate AC electric hoists for the precise positioning of a fragile and expensive chandelier.  The 6 – Columbia H10000 hoists provide stability and control for the lowering/raising and spinning maneuvers of this art piece three times a day.

Spinning Chandelier, as the art is named, weighs approximately 7,500 lb. (the weight of roughly two cars), with a height of 25.5 ft and a width of 14 ft.  This modern chandelier is suspended with cables and Columbia AC Hoists.  The chandelier hangs below the Granville Bridge above the intersection of Beach Avenue and Granville Street.

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