Columbia Hoist Provides Furnace Door Hoist for Precious Metals Recycling Facility

Heraeus Precious Metals & Columbia HF4700-2A17-X-02 AC Electric Hoist

Application: Opening and Closing of a Furnace Door Hoist 
Customer: Heraeus Precious Metals N.A., LLC.
Wartburg, TN
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric HF4700-2A17-X-02

  • Line Pull: 3,000 pounds
  • Line Speed: 12.2 feet per minute

Power Source:  230 VAC 1Ø 60 Hertz
Special Features: Standard unit with cable tension plate, vertical sheave, and limit switch


Heraeus Precious Metals understands the critical role of recycling precious metals in their manufacturing process. These valuable materials, utilized in semiconductors, electronic components, LEDs and OLEDs, photovoltaic systems, magnetic data storage, passive components, and many other products, require specialized handling. To efficiently handle the opening and closing of furnace doors during the recycling process, Heraeus Precious Metals has chosen the Columbia HF4700-2A17-X-02 AC Electric Hoist from Allied Power Products, Inc (APPI). With the Columbia hoist, APPI provides a reliable and efficient solution for Heraeus Precious Metals’ furnace door operations.

The Columbia AC Electric HF4700-2A17-X-02, is meticulously engineered to meet the unique challenges of the recycling industry. It delivers exceptional performance and reliability even in extreme environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity. With its robust components and purpose-built design, the Columbia hoist ensures safe and efficient operation, making it the ideal choice for Heraeus Precious Metals.

APPI takes great pride in being the trusted supplier for Heraeus Precious Metals. Our low-profile, high-strength Columbia hoists have consistently exceeded their requirements, providing reliable lifting solutions. We remain dedicated to offering innovative solutions that contribute to the efficient reuse of Earth’s existing resources.

For more information about our furnace door hoist or any of our other products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to assist you with your specific needs and requirements.

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