Columbia Dewatering Container Positioning Winch Assists Wastewater Facility

HAZLOC WG winch and the Billerica wastewater Plant

Application: Pulling wastewater sludge containers in a dewatering facility.
Customer: Waterline Industries Corp.
Billerica, MA
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric WG5600-4A17-L-02

  • Line Pull: 5,600 pounds
  • Line Speed: 7.7 feet per minute on the first layer

Power Source:  460 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
Special Features:  Class I Div 1 Group D rated motor, Class I Div 1 Group D rated control panel with operator interface on enclosure lid, quick-mount brackets, 150′ of Ø3/8″ stainless steel wire rope with a latching hook


Columbia AC Winches and Hoists have options to deal with corrosive environments, flammable gasses, liquids, or present vapors. In addition, all standard Columbia Winches and Hoists can be built to meet the NEC (National Electrical Code) or ATEX provisions for hazardous environments.

Columbia AC Electric WG series winches now operate in HAZLOC conditions at wastewater treatment plants across the country and have earned a reputation as being reliable, compact, and cost-effective.

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