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Our HS Series radial piston pneumatic hoists offer high performance for the most demanding applications. The robust construction and high starting torque of the radial piston motor makes it well suited offshore, mining and other challenging industries where other power sources may not be safe of practical.

Specific models have single line capacities from 3500 lbs. up to 16,500 lbs. maximum speeds in excess of 100 feet per minute on the full drum.

Options include AutoAdvance Line SpoolersHammerhead Trolleys, Manual Overhead Trolleys, cable tensioners and a variety of control options. HS Series radial piston pneumatic hoists can be customized to meet the exact needs of any application.

Allied Power Products, Inc. manufactures Columbia winches and hoists, and has been providing specialized systems to commercial, industrial and government users for more than 30 years.

To discuss project specifics or request a quote contact us at (503) 626-0654.

ModelHPPower InputCalculated Performance
First LayerMean DrumFull Drum