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Columbia Aircraft Hoist System Lifts Fighter to New Heights

Columbia Aircraft Hoist System Lifts Fighter to New Heights

Application:  Three hoist system to lift, lower and position a mock fighter jet in a private residence
  Higdon Construction, Inc.
Location:  Conroe, TX
Hoist model: Two (2) Columbia HL12000-2A17-L-00 and One (1) Columbia HG1900-2A17-L-00
Line pull:

  • Two hoists rated at 12,000 lbs. on the first layer using 9/16” diameter wire rope
  • One hoist rated at 1,900 lbs. on the first layer using 3/8” diameter wire rope

Line speed: 5 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source: 230 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special features: Grooved drum, electrically-actuated ratchet and pawl, variable frequency drive with control contactors provided loose

Columbia Aircraft Hoist

Why APPI:  It’s not common to find a private party that owns a full-size mockup of a US Navy, Blue Angels, Douglas A4 Skyhawk, let alone one who would like to have it hung from the ceiling of the party room in their house.   But when a family came to Higdon Construction with this request, their experience with industrial jobs made them an ideal choice for this work.

Using three of our Columbia AC electric hoists with coordinated controls, the 9,000 lb. craft is lowered some 25 feet for regular cleanings and then lifted back into place.  The hoists can also be operated independently which allows for the attitude of the fighter to be adjusted.  When power is off to the hoist motors, a ratchet and pawl assembly is engaged to mechanically lock the drums in place.

David Nelson, Higdon’s lead electrician, worked closely with us to ensure the aircraft hoist system received adequate power and also acted as the liaison with the owner to convey the importance of ensuring proper installation, operation and maintenance of the hoists.  Hidgon crafted a custom control panel to house the controls and indicator lights that blends into the décor of the house.

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