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Columbia Cooling Tower Davit Crane

Columbia Cooling Tower Davit Crane

Application:  Cooling Tower Davit Crane
Customer:  Fox Engineering
Location:  Oregon City, Oregon
Hoist model:  Columbia HD2000-1A34-F-01 AC Electric Hoist
Davit Crane Model:  Columbia 20AAM with extended mast and boom, wall mount base, upper limit switch
Line pull:  2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line speed:  12 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz

Why APPI:  The Port of Portland’s headquarters building at the Portland (Oregon) International Airport is, according to Forbes, one of the most high tech buildings in the world.  It has received a LEED® Platinum certification based on a long list of green technologies including a “Living Machine” system – an on-site ecological wastewater treatment process allows using 100 percent of the building’s wastewater for reuse in the building’s toilets and cooling tower.  This system provides both heating and cooling for the 205,000 square foot building utilizing a closed loop that has components located from underground to its rooftop.

Like any machine, this one needs upkeep and that’s where three of our 20AAM davit cranes, each paired with one of our Columbia HD2000-1A34-F-01 AC electric hoists, are used for component replacement and maintenance of the cooling tower.  At the request of Fox Engineering, we extended the mast and boom while maintaining their required 2,000 pound capacity with the boom set to clear fixed obstructions in the landing area.  In keeping with the goal of the Port to be as green as possible, our hoist features high efficiency planetary reduction and a cast, machined and sealed design that minimizes maintenance by keeping all rotating components fully lubricated.

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