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Columbia Material Handling Hoist Blows Away Clearance Issues

Columbia Material Handling Hoist Blows Away Clearance Issues

Application:  Material handling hoist for manufacturing of wind turbines
Location:  Wisconsin
Hoist model:  Columbia HC1500-1A25-L-15
Line pull:  1,500 pounds on the first layer
Line speed:  11 feet per minute on the first layer
Strap Capacity:  27.5 feet x 2” wide x .5″ thick strap with straight latching hook
Power source:  115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  Strap drum conversion

Why APPI:  The challenge of handling large component assemblies in any manufacturing process is never ending.  It is magnified when minimal head room is available and the product being assembled is a wind turbine.

That was the case when a major wind turbine manufacturer needed a material handling hoist in their assembly area and the beam mounted hoists they looked at all hung too low to be usable in their application.  When they consulted with us, we suggested one of our Columbia HC1500 AC electric hoists with a strap for lifting that would be mounted to the side of the pick point.  To maximize the headroom we provided a change of direction roller that was installed on their lifting beam.

This arrangement was ideal for them as it provided approximately 24” of additional head room compared to a typical beam mounted hoist.  To allow precise load positioning, the handheld pendant controller was provided with a potentiometer to control the speed of the hoist.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this particular type of material handling hoist or any of our other products and services.

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