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Columbia PIG Cart Positioning Winch Assists with PIG Maintenance

Columbia PIG Cart Positioning Winch Assists with PIG Maintenance

Application:  PIG Cart Positioning Winch
Customer:  Seaway Crude Pipeline, LLC
Location:  Pasadena Station – Houston, TX
Winch Model:  Columbia WD900-4A34-L-00
Line Pull:  900 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  20.8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:

  Class I Div 1 Group C&D rated 0.75 HP HAZLOC brakemotor
  Custom grooved drum for 3/16” diameter wire rope with dual through drum cable anchor at each flange

Why APPI:  Cleaning pipelines with a PIG is a routine maintenance procedure in the oil industry, but an often-overlooked piece of this work is cleaning the PIGs when they become dirty.  For Seaway Crude Pipeline, LLC, this task was accomplished by utilizing a maintenance cart rolling on a track at the outlet of the pipeline trap.  Their previous procedure to reverse the direction of the cart required the winch operator to disconnect the latching hook from the front of the cart and run it through a sheave at the end of the track and then bring it back to anchor at the rear of the cart.

Bill Misiaszek, Engineer with Seaway consulted with APPI to find a more efficient process where the operator only had to use a foot pedal to operate the winch.  With a travel distance under 20’, it was determined that a dual line, single layer, positioning winch could pull the cart forward as line spooled on one side of the grooved drum while the return line payed off the opposite side of the drum. To pull the cart back they only need to reverse the direction of the drum and the return spools on the drum while the forwarding line on opposite side of drum spools off.

Due to the presence of flammable substances, a HAZLOC rated motor and controls were required for this application.

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