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Columbia Pneumatic Hoist and Powered Trolley

Columbia Pneumatic Hoist and Powered Trolley

Application:  Lifting a filter basket within a limited operating space
Customer:  The Macomb Group / DOW Agro
Location:  Midland, MI
Hoist Model:  Columbia HD2000-P-01 Pneumatic Hoist
Trolley Model:  Custom pneumatic motorized trolley
Line Pull:  2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  19 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  120 feet x 1/4” diameter wire rope with latching hook
Power Source:  Pneumatic – 70PSI @ 80SCFM

Why APPI:  Melissa Headland, a manufacturing engineer at Dow Agro, came to us with a very specific set of application requirements for hoisting and moving a filter basket on one of their production lines.. Her line pull and line speed requirements were met with one of our standard HD2000 pneumatic hoists but limited headroom and the need for a powered trolley required a custom design.

Given a total of just under 6 feet below the I-beam on which the hoist would travel and a handrail the filter basket had to be lifted over prior to moving it laterally, clearance was very limited. Our solution was a custom low profile pneumatic hoist and powered trolley package with power for both motors coming from the same air source.

As a portion of the available lead time to source this hoist had been consumed in their search for a hoist package that fit their available space, we provided them with a manual trolley to use until their custom designed one was completed.

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