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Columbia Poultry Processing Plant Hoist

Columbia Poultry Processing Plant Hoist

Application:  Plant hoist for multiple locations in a poultry processing facility
George’s Foods, LLC
Location:  Harrisonburg, VA
Hoist Model:  Columbia HD2000-P-01 Pneumatic Hoist
Line Pull:  2,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  19 feet per minute on the first layer
Wire Rope Capacity:  84 feet x 5/16” diameter wire rope with latching hook
Power Source:  Pneumatic – 80 SCFM and 70 PSI

Why APPI:  Phil Shifflet, sales representative for Ferebee-Johnson Company, an industrial suppliers located in Harrisonburg, VA, told us he was approached by production personnel at George’s Foods in search of a pneumatic or AC electric hoist to be used in a hazardous location.  As the hoist was a key part of the production process, reliability and low maintenance were key purchasing drivers for them.

After searching the web Phil contacted us and after a number of application discussions about the application with all parties, it was determined a Columbia HD2000 pneumatic hoist would be the best choice based on the advantages it offered for installation and being used in multiple locations.

Phil said the hoist was easy to install and that the customer is very happy with the way it is performing.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this poultry processing plant hoist or any of our other products and services.

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