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Columbia Roof Mounted Maintenance and Service Davits

Columbia Roof Mounted Maintenance and Service Davits

Application: Roof mounted maintenance & service davits
Customer: Toray CFA
Location: Decatur, AL
Davit Model: Columbia 5AFM Davit Crane
Capacity: 500 pound maximum capacity
Line Speed: Manual
Special Features: Stainless steel rotation handle
Why APPI: After looking into the complaints from workers required to pack tools and materials to roof top level through interior stairwells, the maintenance manager for Toray CFA determined davit cranes would be the best way to make this task safer and easier.

While researching availability online he came to us for assistance in specifying Columbia service davits for his application. To meet the need for an average load capacity of 200 lbs. with a unit that was easy to mount and capable of working in an outdoor environment, we provided them with five of our Columbia 5AFM davit cranes.

According to their maintenance manager, “These 500 lb. service davits are working exactly as needed. They are instrumental in helping our service workers and their scheduled maintenance work required on these rooftops on a regular basis.”

These five cranes are in use and Toray has promised their workers that all of their 25 buildings will be equipped with one of these units in the near future.

Please contact us if you would like more information about these particular service davits or any of our other products and services.

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