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Columbia Chandelier Hoist Provides A Welcome Lift

Columbia Chandelier Hoist Provides A Welcome Lift

When Portland’s beautifully restored Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall opened in 1984, a pair of hand crafted, irreplaceable chandeliers were left in place to serve as reminders of the hall’s storied past.  Columbia’s chandelier hoist system is now responsible for raising and lowering these chandeliers for cleaning and maintenance.

These magnificent crystal lights have the unique distinction of having witnessed each of the hundreds, if not thousands, of live performances that have entertained theater-goers since its opening as the Portland Public Theater in 1928. Suspended at 60 feet above the floor and weighing in at 350 pounds, the only way workers are able to clean these treasures and change their light bulbs is to lower them to ground level. Unfortunately, the two original hand cranked hoists that made this possible reached the end of their usable lives in the early 1990’s and were taken out of service due to safety issues. Our chandelier hoist systems provided a welcomed replacement for the theater company.

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