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High-Lift Hoist for Communications Dish Installation

High-Lift Hoist for Communications Dish Installation

Application: Columbia high-Lift Hoist assists in the replacement of communications dish at the Greater Hartford Airport.
Customer: LS Technologies LLC
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Hoist Model: Columbia HD2000 AC Electric Hoist
Line Pull: 2,000 pounds
Line Speed: 12 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 550 feet X 1/8” wire rope
Power Source: 120 VAC 1 Phase input power
Why APPI:  LS Technologies LLC asked Allied Power Products, Inc. (APPI) to provide a hoist capable of assisting in the replacement of a defunct communications dish atop a 285-foot tower near the Greater Hartford Airport in Connecticut.

LS Technologies, a company specializing in “network implementation and maintenance, engineering, and program management support,” was contracted by the DOT to figure out how to lower and raise a 5.5 ft wide, 300 lb antenna hundreds of feet. To add to the challenge, LS Technologies also faced the harsh cold of the brutal Connecticut winter. With the installation at 250 ft, wind chill brought temperatures as low as -10ºF.

As stipulated by the local contractor, those working on the installation were only allowed to work on the tower for twenty minutes because of the conditions. These limitations made things difficult as it took nearly twenty minutes to climb the tower. As a result, it took three days to complete the installation. To make this job possible, APPI provided a Columbia HD2000 AC electric hoist to assist in replacing the communications dish. Weather aside, by supplying a vehicle-mounted hoist with a handheld control pendant, APPI was able to help LS Technologies safely complete its job.

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