Columbia Winches & Hoists

Pallet Gantry

Powered and Manual Options

Our pallet gantry is uniquely suited for lifting and positioning situations where an overhead crane or lift truck is not suitable for the task. Designed to straddle a standard, full-size pallet, it offers both convenience and performance in a compact package.

Five hoist options make matching this unit to your specific needs easy while giving it unmatched application flexibility. The made-to-order hammerhead trolley provides the operator with the ability to pick and position loads across the width of the lift beam. A self-locking pin makes it possible to lock the trolley in place to prevent movement while transporting a load.

Height, span and capacity options are available; please contact us for details.



Fabricated steel frame

Bolt-together assembly goes together in minutes

Heavy duty casters for ease of movement

Sheaves run inside the horizontal beam, maximizing hook height

Industrial powder-coat finish

Hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual hoist options

AC or DC electric hoist options