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Photography Studio Light Bank Hoist

Photography Studio Light Bank Hoist

Application: DC Electric Photography Studio Light Bank Hoist System to position an oversized lighting arrangement for photographing large products.
Line Pull: 800 lbs per hoist through four parts of line
Line Speed: Up to 15 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 45 feet x 1/8” diameter synthetic rope.
Power Source: 24 VDC
Special Features: Dual motors on each hoist, a special cable guidance system incorporating a “bulls-eye” fairlead

Light Bank Hoist  Light Bank Hoist  Light Bank Hoist

Why APPI:  When the hoist system provided with this light bank did not function properly, the owner turned to APPI for a solution. The endpoint was four custom, dual DC motor hoists with “bulls-eye” fairleads explicitly designed for this application. With this new light bank hoist system, photographers can lift, lower, tilt, and pan the 30 foot by 10 foot light bank over extremely large products.

With the DC electric hoist system functioning properly, it’s now effortless for photographers to quickly and accurately set the light bank to create lighting setups that would otherwise be impossible. The art director who oversaw this project says getting the hoist problem solved is huge to him. He is directly responsible for the timely completion of more than 22,000 magazine-quality photos per year.

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