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Columbia Amusement Ride Maintenance Winch Ensures Ride Safety

Columbia Amusement Ride Maintenance Winch Ensures Ride Safety

Application:  Amusement Ride Maintenance Winch
Customer: Intamin Amusement Rides Int.
Location: Schaan, Liechtenstein
Hoist Model: Columbia WF2100-2A28-L-00
Line Pull: 2,100 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed: 20 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source: 230 VAC / Single phase / 50 Hz
Special Features: Strap drum holding 50 feet of 2” nylon strap

Why APPI:  If you should happen the ride “Turbo Track”, a reverse free fall coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi designed and manufactured by Intamin, you may sense how thoroughly your safety has been addressed before taking the ride and having your wits scared out of you.  What you won’t see that helps create that sense of security are two maintenance bays where each of the cars are serviced twice on a daily basis.

To move the cars in and out of the bays, Tobias Jeck, the project engineer for Intamin for this attraction, specified two of our WF2100 electric winches for each bay – one to pull a string of cars in and the other to pull them out.  Their compact size and our ability to provide them with straps were key features in his selection process.

From project design in Liechtenstein, to winch manufacturing in Oregon, to delivery and installation in Dhubi, the combined efforts of all parties involved resulted in a system that works exactly as envisioned.

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