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Columbia Base Mounted Hoist Assists in Lifting Chamber Door

Columbia Base Mounted Hoist Assists in Lifting Chamber Door

Application: Base mounted hoist for opening and closing vacuum chamber door
Customer: Dynavac
Location: Hingham, MA
Hoist Model: Columbia HL15000-4A17-L-05
Line pull: 15,000 lbs.
Line speed: 6 feet per minute
Wire Rope Capacity: 30 ft X 9/16” galvanized wire rope with latching hook
Power source: 460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special features: Standard hoist with VLS-15 roller bearing steel sheave and low voltage NEMA 4X rated controls

Why APPI:  Dynavac is one of the leading manufacturers of high-vacuum systems that are used for manufacturing processes such as thin film deposition and applications as diverse as simulating the conditions in deep space.  To meet a customer’s operating requirements, they needed to provide a system with a guillotine door that measured 7 feet by 8 feet and a full inch thick.  Weighing 5,000 pounds, this door travels 10 feet inside a set of vertical guides.  Based on the parameters of this application, which included the availability of 460 volt 3 phase power, we provided a Columbia HL15000-4A17-L-05 base mounted hoist along with a top mounted vertical lead sheave to assist in proper spooling of the galvanized wire rope.

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