Columbia Davit Crane and Hoist Streamline Ship-to-Shore Lifting

Ship-to-shore Davit Crane with Columbia AC Electric Hoist

Application: Ship to Shore Davit Crane
Customer: ZPMC USA
Location: Elizabeth, NJ
Hoist Model:
Columbia 20AAM Davit with Columbia HF4700-4A17-L-00 AC electric hoist

  • Load rating: Up to 2,000 lbs in first position
  • Line Speed: 12 fpm on first layer
  • Wire Rope: 250ft. of ¼” diameter

Power Source:  460 VAC 3Ø 60 Hertz
Special Features:

  • Custom Drum
  • Multiple bases
  • Quick-disconnect pendant with E-Stop


Graeme Cooper, the Service Manager at ZPMC USA, had previously worked with Allied Power Products, Inc. (APPI) and turned to them when faced with a new challenge. ZPMC USA needed a solution to lift loads up to 2,000 lbs over a distance of 200 feet from ships to shore.

To meet these requirements, APPI provided a Columbia 20AAM Davit paired with a Columbia HF4700-4A17-L-00 AC electric hoist. The davit crane and hoist combination offered a reliable and efficient system for ship-to-shore lifting operations.

Mobility was a key concern for ZPMC USA, as they needed to move the davit crane between different locations. APPI addressed this by supplying multiple bases for the davits, allowing the unit to be easily relocated as needed. This flexibility enhanced the system’s versatility and adaptability to various lifting scenarios.

The custom drum on the HF4700 hoist ensured that the 250 feet of ¼” diameter wire rope could be safely and efficiently managed. The quick-disconnect pendant with an E-Stop feature provided operators with convenient and secure control over the lifting process.

By implementing APPI’s ship-to-shore davit crane solution, ZPMC USA not only achieved their lifting goals but also saved valuable time in their operations. The Columbia 20AAM Davit and HF4700 hoist showcased APPI’s ability to deliver customized, high-performance lifting solutions tailored to the unique needs of the shipping industry.

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