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Columbia Gantry Hoists Provide Lift for Flow Testing

Columbia Gantry Hoists Provide Lift for Flow Testing

Application:  Hoisting Water Flow Test Equipment
Customer:  Wallin Industries
Location:  Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Hoists:  Columbia HD1450-1A34-L-02

•  Single speed controls in a NEMA 4 painted steel enclosure
•  NEMA 4X hand-held pendant controller with UP/DOWN momentary contacts, E-Stop and 15.0’ lead, quick connect for pendant at enclosure
•  Columbia VLS-6 vertical lead sheave with overload detection

Line Pull:  1,450 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  16.3 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  115 VAC / Single phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Overload detection sheave to include dual die springs, sized to be settable to counter balance a 935 lbs load

Why APPI:  Monitoring the water flow at a dam is an important process to control water quality and water levels.  At Manitoba Hydro, this process is accomplished by lowering a long, thin frame equipped with fan blade-type propellers into a slot in the top of the dam, which records the speed at which the blades turn to measure the water flow.  This frame structure is lowered into place from a portable gantry equipped with two of our hoists.

Tasked with replacing the old system, Paul Halipchuk, the Mechanical Engineering Section Head for Manitoba Hydro, wanted to be sure the new system had a simple, mechanical means of preventing a catastrophic overload on the lifting gantry.  Working closely with him, we designed a spring-equipped, vertical lead sheave with overload detection that did not require an electronic load sensing system.

Once the design was complete, Wallin Industries was awarded the bid.  They ordered 6 of the gantry hoists and custom lead sheaves for installation and one extra unit as a spare.

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