Columbia Door Hoists Enhance Operations at Nebraska Corn Dryer

HL12000 3HP 120V winch

Application: Lifting and Lowering Corn Dryer Access Doors
Customer:Schelkopf Engineering Inc.
Location: Geneva, NE
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric HD2000-1A34-F-01

  • Line Pull: 2,000 pounds on the first layer, effectively doubling with a two-part line
  • Line Speed: 12 feet per minute, reduced to 6 feet per minute with a two-part line
  • Wire Rope: 40ft. of 5/16″ diameter
  • Power Source:  115 VAC 1Ø 60 Hertz

Schelkopf Engineering Inc. designed a unit for a custom seed corn dryer located in Geneva, NE. The reverse flow dryer now uses Columbia Door Hoists. The precision hoists improve reliability. Before, manual counterweights operated the doors. Now, the HD2000-1A34-F-01 model automates them. As a result, safety and efficiency increased in reducing seed corn moisture.

This seed corn drying facility, approximately 100′ x 300′ in size, relies on the Columbia hoist to lift and lower the hinged access doors, which weigh around 800 pounds each. With a line pull of 2,000 pounds on the first layer and 4,000 pounds at the hook with a two-part line, the hoist easily handles the door weight. The 6 feet per minute line speed on the first layer allows the doors to open and close smoothly and efficiently.

The hoist’s NEMA-12 rated full-voltage handheld pendant gives operators precise door control. The spring-applied electrically released brakemotor supports the doors securely in the open position while workers access the dryer interior. This adaptation reflects Allied Power Products’ commitment to delivering tailored, robust solutions for the agricultural sector.

Automating a previously manual process, the Columbia Door Hoist improves safety and streamlines workflows in this critical seed corn drying operation. As demand grows for enhanced quality control in agriculture, innovations like the Columbia AC Electric HD2000 unit will become increasingly valuable for custom facilities.

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