Columbia Hoist Delivers Robust and Reliable Lifting Solution for Tidal Energy Testing

Hoist for lifting a Tidal Turbine for Maintence

Application: Tidal Turbine Hoisting and Maintenance
Location: Marion, MA
Hoist Model: Columbia AC Electric HL12000-2A17-L-02

  • Line Pull:  12,000 pounds on the first layer
  • Line Speed: 5 feet per minute on the first layer
  • Cable Capacity: 547 ft. X 1/2” wire rope

Power Source:  230 VAC 1Ø 60 Hertz
Special Features:

  • 230 VAC / single phase custom motor
  • Epoxy overcoat
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Painted steel control enclosure


The Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative (MRECNE) required a reliable hoisting solution for lowering and lifting a 100kW tidal energy turbine 13 feet from deck level to its submerged working position. The situation is complicated by both limited electrical power on the site and the corrosive marine atmosphere, which makes maintenance and adjustments difficult. Operating in a challenging marine environment with limited onsite power, they turned to Allied Power Products (APPI) and our robust Columbia hoists.

The Columbia HL12000-2A17 hoist tackles the demanding task of raising and lowering the heavy tidal turbine with ease, thanks to its robust 12,000 pound pull capacity. Specifically designed for this application, the hoist’s custom single-phase 230VAC motor ensures smooth operation even when relying on a limited on-site electrical supply. And with specialized features like a marine-grade epoxy coat and stainless steel construction built to withstand salty, corrosive air, the HL12000 reliably withstands the harsh coastal environment. Since install, MRECNE’s personnel have been continually impressed by the flawless performance and outstanding reliability of the Columbia hoist in tackling their critical lifting needs.

MRECNE appreciated our extensive experience engineering hoists and cranes for demanding environments. APPI eagerly anticipates supplying additional hoisting solutions optimized for their specialized needs as they continue advancing renewable energy testing.

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