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Columbia Dual Beam Trolley Hoist System

Columbia Dual Beam Trolley Hoist System

Application:  Columbia trolley hoist system for an OEM’s dual beam trolley
:  Vo-Tech, Inc
Location:  Crystal Lake, IL
Hoist model:  Columbia HD1300-2A34-X-11
Line Pull:  1,300 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  4 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source:  230 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  Inverter-duty brakemotor and quick-mount brackets

Why APPI:  Over the course of many years, Vo-Tech has grown and evolved from providing field machining services for power generation plants around the country to a providing full-service manufacturing services at their facility in Crystal Lake, IL.

To meet the need for a method to lift a very large seal off a motor in a nuclear power plant they provided their customer with a dual beam trolley equipped with two of our Columbia HD1300 AC electric hoists.

The trolley runs on two beams and is equipped with proprietary VFD control system to control the hoists.  The motors are rated to run at full load at slow speeds without overheating.  The motors and spring applied, electrically released brake run from separate power sources to provide an additional level of controllability.

Mark Harper, who is the Vo-tech operations manager said, “The support from APPI, including the documentation required in the power generation industry, on this project was excellent.”

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