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Columbia Revetment Hoists Provide an Aircraft Revetment Solution

Columbia Revetment Hoists Provide an Aircraft Revetment Solution

Application: Dual drum explosion-proof revetment hoists raise and lower an aircraft revetment door
Customer:  Kellogg, Brown and Root
Location:  Naval Air Station Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa
Hoist model:  Columbia HF3500-2A17-L-00
Line pull:  3,500 pounds
Line speed: 12 feet per minute
Power source: 230 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special features: Standard hoist with center flange drum and dual cable anchors for ¼” stainless steel wire rope. Custom hoist base mount to allow integration to existing mounting location with stainless steel fasteners where applicable. Hoist motor and controls are Class I, Div 1, Group D rated for the highly volatile area. Custom control panel with UP/DOWN momentary buttons, E-stop and fused manual disconnect on the panel face.

Why APPI: Kellogg Brown & Root since 2012 has been operating in Djibouti under the largest military contract in Africa for base operations, maintenance services, life support and logistics for Naval facilities engineering command Atlantic.  Djibouti is a remote hostile environment with little manufacturing or natural resources and most parts and equipment must be imported.

The Navy’s eight existing aircraft revetments were provided with an overhead door hoist system that could not adequately provide a safe environment for both personnel and high value aircraft. KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root) was tasked with finding a hoist manufacturer, to replace the existing de-activated system, that could provide a custom solution to meet environmental, operational, personnel safety and reliability needs. KBR explored a number of manufacturers products but Allied Power Products uniquely designed system was the only one that could meet and exceed their needs while also providing the on-call troubleshooting and service they needed for this high-profile application.

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