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Columbia Feed Hoists Improve Elephant Health

Columbia Feed Hoists Improve Elephant Health

Application:  Feeding Elephants Using Overhead Hoists
Customer:  Zoological Society of San Diego
Location:  San Diego, CA
Hoist Model:  Columbia HF2300-4A17-X-02
Line Pull:  2,300 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  12 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source:  460 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Special Features:  Custom upper limit switch assembly

Why APPI:  Improving the health and well-being of the elephants in their care requires an ongoing search for best practices by their keepers.

The Zoological Association of San Diego first came to APPI in 2011 with a request for feed hoists that could position feeding devices suspended from artificial trees in the elephant keep.  Their intent was to simulate the feeding conditions of elephants in the wild that must reach up over their heads to find food.

In response we provided them with six of our Columbia HF2300 AC hoists that were configured to withstand “elephant abuse.”  They have worked so well that based on the recommendation from the San Diego handlers, the Oregon Zoo installed the same units in their new elephant exhibit.

Please contact us if you would like more information about these particular elephant feed hoists or any of our other products and services.

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