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Columbia Hoist Drive System Diverts Contaminated Runoff

Columbia Hoist Drive System Diverts Contaminated Runoff

Application: 12 VDC Hoist Drive
Customer: Celanese Corporation
Location: Corpus Cristi, TX
Product:  Gearmotor Assembly
Output performance:  3.5 RPM, 10,685 IN-LB Torque
Power Source: 12 VDC
Special Features:  12 VDC 3/4 HP, 1800 RPM UL-Listed motor, 12 VDC Spring-applied, electrically-released brake

Why APPI:  The Corpus Christi Celanese plant utilizes several rain water catchment devices that immediately divert runoff if any form of contamination is detected in the water running through them.

This is accomplished by hoisting a set of outlet pipes to stop the flow of water until it is confirmed it is safe to let it drain again.

Although there are several of these devices at the plant a new installation gave Celanese the opportunity to update and upgrade the drive system on their pipe hoist.

After a long and frustrating search, Celanese found us and we were able to quickly provide them with a custom solution for their application.

Given the importance of this system, it utilizes 12 VDC power from a 115 VAC circuit fed through a rectifier, which is backed up by a heavy-duty 12 VDC battery.

The new hoist drive system has the same horsepower as the original but its more efficient design provides more torque and speed.

Rolando Ramirez, Senior I&E Specialist for the Corpus Christi plant, says that as they add more systems and upgrade their existing ones, the hoist drive system we provided them will act as their new standard for replacements.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this particular hoist drive system or any of our other products and services.

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