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Columbia Explosion Proof Hoists Assist In Jet Engine Testing

Columbia Explosion Proof Hoists Assist In Jet Engine Testing

Application: Explosion proof hoists to open and close jet engine testing hatch doors
Customer: Bruckner Canada a div. of Wesco Dist.
Location: Mirabel, QC Canada
Hoist Model: Columbia HF1750-P-02 Pneumatic Hoist
Special features: Crane style upper limit switch with NEMA 7 rated electrical components
Line pull: 1,750 pounds
Line speed: 4 feet per minute
Power source: Pneumatic – 20 SCFM @ 60 PSI

Why APPI:  As the number of business class jets manufactured in Canada has risen the impact on support industries has been significant.  Case in point is the Mirabel Aerospace Center (MAC) where Pratt & Whitney Canada has installed the two largest engine test cells in the country.  Each of these can test engines with up to 35,000 pounds of thrust – which includes the PurePower PW1524G for Bombardier C Series aircraft.

The test cells are of course rated as a hazardous environment which meant the hoists used to open and close the engine hatch door inside the test cells, measuring approximately 300 feet long and 100 feet high at their tallest point, had to be rated accordingly.  Buckner of Canada contacted us looking for the right product for the job and after reviewing their requirements two Columbia HF1750-P-02 pneumatic explosion proof hoists were selected for the application.  As this is a Class I Division 1 Group D atmosphere, appropriately rated control valves with 24 VDC solenoids and limit switches were provided with the hoists.

In use, these compact, pneumatic explosion proof hoists have proven to be highly efficient and extremely reliable – which are attributes that apply to everything they do at MAC.

Please contact us if you would like more information about these particular explosion proof hoists or any of our other products and services.

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