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Columbia Pneumatic, Crane Maintenance Hoist

Columbia Pneumatic, Crane Maintenance Hoist

Application:  Lifting main and luffing hoists out of crane house for routine maintenance
Customer:  Sparrows Offshore Manufacturing
Location:  Houston, TX
Hoist Model:  Columbia HG5000-P-02 Pneumatic hoist
Performance Based on 110 SCFM @ 65 PSI:
Line Pull:  5,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  13.2 feet per minute on the first layer
Special Features:  Stainless steel fasteners where applicable, 50’ long pendant control with quick exhaust valves, chain-driven 3 ton trolley with corrosion resistant drive-chain

Why APPI:  When offshore cranes need servicing, Sparrows Offshore and their more than four decades of experience commonly comes to the fore to handle these tasks.  When James Schott, a project manager with Sparrows Offshore contacted APPI looking for a pneumatic hoist with chain-drive trolley his immediate need was to the main and luffing hoists from a crane on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico for servicing.

After reviewing his application requirements, one of our Columbia HG5000-P-02 pneumatic hoists was specified with a 3-ton chain drive trolley.  To lift the hoists, it was to be installed on a Sparrows’ I-Beam maintenance davit that was already on the crane.  The working sequence for our hoist was to lift each of the cranes up and out of their mounts and then lower them 50 feet down to the deck below the crane.  In operation, the hoist is controlled from the using a 50′ long pendant connected to the control valve.  This valve was equipped with quick exhaust valves to help ensure the brake on the hoist set quickly.

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