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Columbia Self-Contained Winch System Works To Remove Debris In Alaskan Lake

Columbia Self-Contained Winch System Works To Remove Debris In Alaskan Lake

Application: Pulling large debris from a lake
SEAPA Hydro (Southeast Alaska Power Agency)
Website: https://seapahydro.org/
Location: Swan Lake, Sitka, AK
Winch Model: Columbia WF4700-2A17-L-02

  • Line Pull: 4,700 pounds on the first layer
  • Line Speed: 12.2 feet per minute on the first layer

Wire Rope Capacity: 198 feet x 3/8″ wire rope with a latching hook

Special Features: Self-Contained Winch System

  • Skid for self-contained winch system components
    • Lifting eyes & pulling/ anchoring points
    • Roof for weather protection
  • Generac 10KW Generator
  • Dual Propane Tank System
    • Two (2) 40lb Propane Tanks
    • Tank Rack
    • Regulator & Hoses
    • Poly Tank Cover
  • Starting Battery & Mount

Power Source: Propane fueled generator providing 230 VAC / Single Phase  / 60 Hz electrical power


  • When the water level was raised at Swan Lake in Sitka, AK, it created a problem with debris going into and being stuck around the lake.
  • SEAPA Hydro has been tasked with cleaning up the debris in and around the lake
  • Due to the environment (outdoors, heavy precipitation), a propane generator was selected to avoid fuel contamination
  • A self-contained system that could be pulled from location to location around the lake was a primary requirement


Columbia Self-Contained Winch System Arriving on the Boat

Columbia Self-Contained Winch System Arriving on the Boat

Unit ready to be be deployed

Winch System ready to be deployed

Ed Schofield, the Power System Specialist, at SEAPA said, “Swan Lake winch is onsite and functioned well. It will be spring before it can be transported out onto the reservoir and put in service. Please let all involved with this project, we appreciate their efforts, great job.”

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