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Columbia Strap Hoist Provides Maintenance Solution

Columbia Strap Hoist Provides Maintenance Solution

Application: Strap hoist for a jib crane with restricted headroom
Customer: General Cable Technologies Corporation
Location: Paragould, AR
Hoist model: Columbia HD1300-1A34-F-15
Special features: Strap option and upper limit switch
Line pull: 1,300 pounds on the first layer
Line speed: 15 feet per minute on the first layer
Power source: 115 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Columbia Articualting Jib Crane

Why APPI: Lifting a torque multiplier weighing 200 pounds each time a cable reel changed on their bunching machines was a time-consuming and challenging task for General Cable. A jib crane was an obvious solution, but the location and configuration of the machine created limited swing room and overhead clearance.

An articulated jib crane solved the swing portion of the problem. Then a Columbia strap hoist on the outboard section of the boom resolved the limited clearance issue. Located close to the boom joint, the strap from the hoist runs under the boom and out to a low-profile roller with a limit switch next to it. This approach created the extra foot of clearance required below the hook to position the torque multiplier.

In use, the tool is lifted to the upper limit, swung into position over the compression lock collar on the bunching machine, and then lowered to its working position. Once the collar has been secured, the process is reversed, and the tool is moved to its storage position.

Both machines in this plant will be equipped with this setup, and General Cable plans to implement it in their other plants in the future. According to John Koch, Process Engineer for General Cable, the strap hoist is an ideal solution. In addition to increasing the headroom for lifting, our strap hoist eliminated the problems associated with wire rope spooling and its tendency to twist under load.

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