Columbia Strap Winches Optimize Appliance Manufacturing Processes

Columbia Strap Winches Optimize Appliance Manufacturing Processes

Application: Columbia Strap Winches Pull Die In and Out of a Press
Customer: Motion Industries
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Hoist Model:
Columbia AC Electric WG5000-4A34-L-23

  • Line Pull: 5,000 lbs on the first layer
  • Line Speed: 15 fpm on the first layer

Power Source:  460 VAC 3Ø 60 Hertz
Special Features:

  • Manual freespool lever
  • NEMA 4X fiberglass electrical control enclosure including a NEMA 4X hand-held pendant control with 15′ lead
  • Strap drum conversion:
    • 30′ of 4″ wide strap with looped end (no twist)


Motion Industries, a leading industrial parts distributor, services various sectors including major appliance manufacturers. These manufacturers often use dies and presses to shape sheet metal components for their products.

When it’s time to change the parts being pressed, manufacturers rely on APPI’s winches distributed by Motion Industries to supply specialized Columbia Strap Winches for extracting the dies from large hydraulic presses. Two WG5000-4A34-L-23 winches, one on each side, handle this critical task.

The winch features a  3400 RPM, 3.0 HP motor that delivers an optimal balance of line speed and pull force. A 30-foot long, 4-inch wide nylon strap securely attaches to the -23 strap drum using button head screws. Manufacturers often prefer strap over wire rope because winch mounting locations can hinder proper wire rope spooling.

For quick connection to the die’s mounting point, the strap includes a looped end. The NEMA 4X hand-held pendant provides durability and protection, withstanding harsh environments where it may accidentally fall, get kicked around, or become covered in die lubricant.

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