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Corp of Engineers Make Connections with Jib Crane System

Corp of Engineers Make Connections with Jib Crane System

Application: Jib crane system to lift and position 24″ couplings for water pumping system on the Mississippi River
Customer: Magruder Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Eolia, MO
Line Pull: 6,000 pounds
Line Speed: 40 feet per minute
Power Source:  15 HP hydraulic power unit 
Special Features: 1.5 ton capacity jib crane with 360º rotation, 16′ height and 14′ span; hammerhead trolley; custom hydraulic power unit with quick-connect hoses

Why APPI: Unknown to many people are the extensive wetlands maintained behind the flood levees on the Mississippi River, the 4th longest in the world. These protected areas act as buffers to help smooth out river water levels while providing recreational opportunities and serving as habitat for fish and waterfowl.

Jeff Vassalli, a project manager for Magruder Construction Co of Eolia, Missouri was given the job of installing a site-specific, bi-directional water pumping system for the Corp of Engineers in one of these habitat areas. The system needed to be capable of moving 60,000 gallons of water per minute to ensure as stable a water level as possible. To accomplish this task, a barge-mounted pump with a flexible connector was specified to tie up next to either of the two pumping stations at this location and connect with another flexible coupling on the pump station side.

As the connection on these 24” diameter couplings is made at water level, Magruder required a jib crane that could lift and also position the couplings laterally. After examining a number of possibilities, Magruder suggested – and the COE approved – a pair of jib crane systems designed specifically for this job from Allied Power Products, Inc. (APPI) of Beaverton, Oregon. Equipped with APPI’s proprietary hammerhead trolley system, these jib crane systems feature a hydraulic hoist powered by a portable hydraulic power unit as there was no source of power of any kind on the site.


The hydraulic power unit from APPI is compact, reliable and easy to trailer from storage to the job site and then from crane to crane. Other special features on the cranes included a jib crane rotation locking mechanism and a lockable weather-proof housing to protect the hoist. Resistant to damage by design, the only exposed portion of the system when it’s not being used is the hammerhead trolley – which is a distant target, high above the pumping stations.

Although these cranes were designed and built for this application, the startup testing and acceptance by the COE was, as Vassalli said, “Absolutely flawless.” Both Magruder and APPI are looking forward to future opportunities where their respective skills and expertise can be put to work.

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