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Custom Hydraulic and Electric Excavator Barge Winch System

Custom Hydraulic and Electric Excavator Barge Winch System

Application:  Hydraulic and electric barge winch system designed to provide mooring and fleeting capabilities for an excavator barge.
Power Source:  208 VAC / Three Phase / 60 Hz
Hydraulic Power Source:  Customer supplied Komatsu PC 3000 Aqua Digger hydraulic excavator provides power to hydraulic motors.
Special Features:  Dual-band brakes, Hydraulic activated free-spool, Custom stainless steel manifolds, High-efficiency planetary reduction in sealed oil bath, Spring-applied, hydraulically-released brakes

Why APPI: The barge and excavator uses this barge winch system to position precisely in the river. The excavator then removes the river bottom material to prepare the concrete fittings of the new dam.

The four mooring winches provide precise barge placement over the river bed. In addition, the four fleeting winches position barges on either side of the excavator barge to facilitate the removal of the dredged materials.

The custom-designed control panel has joysticks to control speed, free-spool release, band brake release, winch selection, and individual winch line tension. The control panel also includes a digital display indicating line tension and facilitating tension limiting adjustment during operation.

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