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Loading and Offloading Using Skid Winch for the US Air Force

Loading and Offloading Using Skid Winch for the US Air Force

Application: The new model WX9300-2A17-L-01 is a 9,300 lb capacity AC electric powered skid winch that will be put in service by the US Air Force to load and offload skids from transport trailers.
Customer Type: Winches, Inc.
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Line Pull: 9,300 pounds
Line Speed: 15 feet per minute
Cable Capacity: 284 feet X 7/16” wire rope.
Power Source: 230 VAC 3 Phase input power
Special Features: 5.0 Hp severe-duty brake motor, reversing motor starter, NEMA 4 steel enclosure, IN/OUT momentary buttons on the side of the panel, steel tension roller.

Why APPI: According to APPI, this unit will replace a unit that could not meet the application’s duty requirements. This winch is designed for nearly continuous duty cycles and will support operations that cannot afford downtime due to equipment failure. The AC electric WX9300- 2A17-L-01 ensures reliable performance with minimal maintenance and service requirements with hardened nickel chromoly planetary gears in a sealed oil bath and a 5.0 HP severe-duty brake motor.

Special features on this winch include a reversing motor starter in a NEMA 4 steel enclosure with side-mounted IN / OUT buttons and integral mounting brackets to create a compact and mobile package. In addition, the winch is equipped with a manual free spool lever and offers a first-layer line speed of 15 feet per minute with a cable capacity of 284 feet X 7/16″ wire rope.

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