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Columbia Hook Mounted Hoists

The Columbia HMH Series portable AC hook mounted hoists are the right choice when you need more performance and more value in a lightweight package you can take anywhere. The standard three-prong electrical cord allows you to conveniently power these hoists from any appropriate outlet.

The HMH Series hoists make lifting loads up to 750 pounds easy. With a complete array of features such as upper and lower limit sensors, load suspending brake, choice of wire rope or strap, push-button pendant control, the HMH is ready to deploy quickly from any proper mounting location.

Allied Power Products, Inc. manufactures Columbia winches and hoists, and has been providing specialized systems to commercial, industrial and government users for more than 30 years. Contact us today for a solution to your application needs.



ModelMotorPower InputWeightWire Rope SizeCalculated Performance
First LayerMean DrumFull Drum
HMH-2301.011540 lbs3/16″230 lbs
74 fpm
176 lbs
100 fpm
141 lbs
123 fpm
HMH-4501.511555 lbs3/16″450 lbs
57 fpm
347 lbs
75 fpm
282 lbs
90 fpm
HMH-6001.511557 lbs1/4″600 lbs
37 fpm
510 lbs
46 fpm
405 lbs
57 fpm
HMH-7501.523062 lbs1/4″750 lbs
37 fpm
656 lbs
44 fpm
528 lbs
53 fpm

Hoists and mounting adapters available. Please contact us with your requirements.

HMH Series ManualHMH-230 ShHMH-230 SheetHMH-600 Sheet
HMH-450 SheetHMH-750 Sheet

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Columbia HMH Series AC Electric Hoists In Use