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Columbia Dual Winch Auger Positioning System

Columbia Dual Winch Auger Positioning System

Application:  Spreading soybeans in storage facility
Customer: Sparrow Millwright Services
Location:  La Harpe, IL
Winch Model:  Two (2) Columbia WG11000-4A17-L-03 AC electric winches per system
Line Pull:  11,000 pounds on the first layer
Line Speed:  8 feet per minute on the first layer
Power Source: 460 VAC / Three phase / 60 Hz

Why APPI:  Spreading soybeans in a low ceiling storage facility was a challenge faced by the owners of Sparrow Millwright Services in La Harpe, Illinois.  To accomplish this task, he envisioned an auger positioning system consisting of four horizontally mounted augers that would move the beans away from a central conveyor.   We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with him and help configure the positioning winches to do exactly what he required.

The process starts with truckloads of soybeans being dumped on an elevator that lifts them to a distribution conveyor that runs the length of the storage building.  Flanking the conveyor, with two on each side, are the augers that move the beans laterally across the building.  The augers are on trolleys that run on I-beams about 27 feet off the floor.  As the beans spill out from under the conveyor, the augers, mounted at right angles to the conveyor, are pulled back and forth in line with the conveyor to spread the beans throughout the building.

Each auger is positioned with a pair of our Columbia WG11000 AC electric winches that that pull against each other when moving the augers.  This required a special control system to release the brakes on both units when either one of them is pulling.

This video shows one of the augers in operation.

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