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Columbia Flare Stack Hoists Provide Flare Igniter Assembly Solution

Columbia Flare Stack Hoists Provide Flare Igniter Assembly Solution

Application: Columbia flare stack hoists raise and lower flare stack igniters
Customer:  Commercial Truck & Equipment
Location:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hoist model:  Columbia HF1000-2A17-L-02
Line pull: 1,000 pounds
Line speed: 24 feet per minute
Wire Rope Capacity:  180 feet x 1/4″ diameter wire rope with latching hook
Power source: 230 VAC / Single Phase / 60 Hz
Special features:  Gear end manual override and NEMA 4X pendant controls
Flare Stack Hoists

Why APPI:  The University of Alberta first put a Columbia hoist into service raising and lowering the flare ignitor assembly – which starts the gases coming out of their waste stack burning – over 14 years ago.  The manual override has been invaluable as it has allowed them to raise and lower the ignitor when they have experienced power outages.

The unique features of this hoist, including the automatic brake and planetary reduction, were important when the University of Alberta to initially purchased their first Columbia flare stack hoist.  When it came time for an additional hoist, the durability and reliability of their original hoist made another Columbia HF1000-2A17-L-02 hoist an automatic choice.

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